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Originally Posted by TheRoss View Post
Not sure what the big deal is about a plate showing, but there you go. Pic removed.
Same here. You cover you plate in public and you get a ticket. You fail to cover it on the internet and people have a cow...

Beside, they guy drives a Honda Element. I thought you had to have a vagina to drive one of those...

Aside from all that, the guy had a trailer and motorcycle already in a parking spot. Putting a bike there might of blocked his vehicle door access. I don't know. But, minor prick violation in my opinion. Frankly, if the guy didn't want anyone parking there, he should of positioned his bike differently.

Isn't it customary for motorcycles to share parking spots. Look at it from this angle: If you pull up to a parking lot in a car and see only one motorcycle per spot, wouldn't you wonder why the motorcycles where not sharing spots???

Am I wrong in suggesting that motorcycles should park two to a spot by default???
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