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Just trying to see how much interest there is towards putting together a small group buy or even single units if you guys maybe interested in that. I know I personally wasnt going to spend 1000+ on a pannier kit for my scram!

my friend and I own a small shop and will be building a few of the kits you see on my bike with both the 20mm ammo cans and the 40mm ammo cans we are trying to keep the price between 400-500 dollars. Also for a very minimal price change we can gladly customize to most any extent, for instance my cage has fuel bottles built in but we can do anything. If your worried about the finish on my rig yours would be much cleaner as my rig is some what of a test mule.

We are also offering painted or unpainted and if there is enough interest possibly a Crome version of the cage the cases hang on.

If your interested in the rig feel free to PM me
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