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Originally Posted by fastlane1 View Post
Hi Noah,

Sorry to hear of your fall - I'm pleased you are OK! Been following along and enjoying the "ride". Take it easy and maybe no wheelies today .
News here is David (Gunnerbuck) is coming to my place this weekend to help get my 640 ADV starting issue fixed at last.
I've also decided to get the Sony NEX camera since playing with yours and the amazing panorama feature. I can pick up a used NEX 5 or a new NEX 5N with the 18-55 lens. My questions for you are - do you think I should get the 55-200 lens too? (do you use it much?) and, How much of a pain is it not having a built in flash? (and do you use the flash a lot?) The next step up is the NEX 7 with the built in flash but thats way more $. Are there any things that bug you about the NEX 5? Asking this here as it may benefit other inmates.

Thanks for any advice and stay safe!
I don't have the 55-200 lens. Sometimes I wish I did.. but it is bulky.
I rarely use the flash... but having it built in would be nice?
The NEX-7 looks like it has some amazing features. A view finder and 2 programmable control dials. That camera seems like a good step to move to if you KNOW how to manipulate the camera to take the picture you want.
The NEX5 has manual and automatic features. So it seems like if you are going to use automatic most of the time, the NEX7 wouldn't be worth the money. However, I am still going to drool over it for a few minutes! The simplicity is one of the NEX5 is probably one of the things that drew you to it. Don't over-complicate what doesn't need to be.

Good luck with the 640! (and happy camera hunting!)
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