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Originally Posted by El Guero View Post
Maybe you folks can help me here as I'm pretty air gun ignorant.

My dad gave us a Daisy/Winchester .177 rifle and I tried taking it to the range. It wouldn't really move my plastic hopping reactive target (that's okay I guess), but when I was trying to shoot it at my paper target with plastic backer, the pellets would just bounce off

Do I need to figure out a backer-less paper target to get the thing sighted in? I guess I wouldn't mind trying it for target shooting some time, but I can't ever tell if I'm hitting the target
Is this a black synthetic stock break barrel? If so, you have some problem, it is a pretty powerful springer.

I have no idea about the reactive target, but suspect it may be too heavy to react to a little .177 pellet. But, it should have no problem with paper, backed or not, unless you were shooting at 100 yards or something.

See if it looks like this one.

If so it'll take care of business if you do your part and it's functioning correctly.
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