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Yes the keyboard does have touchpad mouse area.

The other cool thing is that the keyboard is magnetically attached to the tablet, so if you don't need it, take it off.

I'm looking forward to the Intel version. It's going to have a pen! Yep, I said it... it will have a pen. Back in the 90's I had the idea of a 'book' pc. Two screen left right that was pen based, or one of the screens could be touch with a keyboard. I've always preferred using a pen/stylist over my finger. The idea of an electronic book for me is more logical than tablets. But the technology just wasn't there back in the 90's.

I know that MS has a new patent for fast response pen screens. Granted they said it would be a couple of years before they get it to consumer ready. But... who knows, they might have it ready now. I hope so. MS does have handwriting recognition in W7, and it's actually damn good. It's just that most screens are slow showing the actual line(s).
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