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2 Guys Tour California Before We Turn 30

Starting this off with a teaser pic, then I will get into the boring stuff you are more than welcome to skip. I am not clever, and most pictures are for my own amusement. If at least one of you smile, then that is good enough for me.

This story has an extended cast, but mainly the two of us. The guy in red needing a haircut is myself. My riding companion, Mike, will be mostly in grey. We have been good friends since high school back in Georgia. We both attended the same university, and ended up being roommates. Life ended up pointing me to the nearest recruiter, and at 23, a Marine. I was lucky enough to get stationed in California after spending a year in DC learning how to make maps. We continued being best friends despite the distance, a fun trip to Iraq, and another to Afghanistan. I still give him crap every day he does not move out here, as he always talked about it growing up.

Fast forward to 2011. He gets married, I am his best man. I get married, but waiting for my Wife to get back from her second trip to Afghanistan before we have a ceremony. We realize we haven't done anything huge in a few years, and the first big 'I'm getting old' birthday is approaching. One thing leads to another and we decide on a motorcycle trip. I have my WR-X, and my sidekick can't exactly ride hers right now. Over the next few months we start gearing up, go through half a dozen route ideas, and end up with a rough schedule and dates are set.

Before we know it it is time. I have done all the maintenance on the bikes to get them ready, and on my way to pick Mike up from the airport. We stay up late adjusting gear and packing our bags. I decide to ditch the pelican case I mounted since my GL coyote fits more than I imagined. Back to pictures.

I do not know how all of this fit.

May 26, 2012. All packed up and ready to go.

I am riding the Black 2009 WR250X. He is riding the wife's blue 2008.

Quick hop over to the Coast Hwy from Camp Pendleton, and we head south.

Meet a navy friend for some good eats. Sadly their VIP section was booked. If you are ever in San Diego, do yourself a favor and eat here.

About as close as you can get to the worlds busiest land border crossing with out sitting in line for 4 hours.

Hot pants. Everyone needs a pair. Heading north at this point

We are taking the 5 to get to his father's house in LA.With stock seats and 1.7gal tanks, stops are frequent. At 20 minutes you have to start squirming, at 30, you are looking for any reason to stop. One of the few times in my life I look forward to red lights. One random gas stop we happened to turn into this parking lot. Say hi to Mike.

We somehow manage to make it up to Topanga Canyon from San Diego in a bit over 3 hours with traffic. I am used to lane splitting, and gradually taught Mike with baby steps from stoplights, to stopped traffic. This is my typical commute to school. My first and only GoPro Video.

At about 6 we are at our first stop of the trip.

Just over 225 miles today. More to follow.
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