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Day-3. May 28

We get a decent start. No issues getting the bikes out and loaded up.

This picture looks familiar. The coast is starting to get nice.

It was recommended we see the Elephant Seals, even though the males are not present. I am relatively confident the rocks in the background are covered in years of bird droppings. Mike does not agree.

Not supposed to feed the wildlife, but I trade this guy a flower for his whopper wrapper.

A few close up. The sound they make is unique.

On my way to find a trashcan for the wrapper, I was mobbed.

Back on the road and we make it to this nice gas station.

I wonder how they afford this place. Ohhh, I see.

Southern part of Big Sur. Another poop rock.

Big Sur

They are crazy as well.

No photograph can do this place justice. Most beautiful place I have been. Too bad my ugly face is in the way.


Random roadside attraction with required horsepower dance.

Mo beach.

Made it into San Fransisco the day after the 75th anniversary. I hear it was a good show.

Fisherman's Warf

Dungeness crab, mmmm.

Meeting up with some friends

Still have 40 miles to ride to our planned hotel stop. Yay

Nice parking here as well in Napa Valley.

265 miles. Big trees tomorrow as we continue north.
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