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Originally Posted by ridenm View Post
I have a truly rare and historic piece I would like to sell. It's the original axe that George Washington used to chop down his father's cherry tree. Of course, over the years, I've had to do some maintenance. Let's see: I've replaced the head six times, most recently with the latest high-density alloy that doesn't rust, takes an edge, and keeps it well; and I've replaced the handle nine times, now with a really nice rubber-gripped composite that feels great in the hand and dampens all the vibration of blows.

OK, so it's not really GW's axe anymore, but it still occupies the same metaphorical space.
If you dont believe this (above and quoted) has NOT hit twinshocks in the USA, you need to take off the rose coloered glasses.

I mean, honestly my bikes have shocks from other "junk/parts" bikes I have found, in barns or where ever. I completely understand, for example, that a 1979 sherpa-t shock, in stock form (even if NOS) is rubbish if not rare as well, compared the "new" shocks you can buy to put on the said bikes. BUT, now... They only are what, $300 or more plus ship? that is where I have lost interest, kind of. costs more to fix up my semi shabby old scoot than to keep on the new stuff...

I thought there were pictures on lewisport of the trick Reflex? I thought someone posted them, oh well. I don't know I guess. I been busy working on "wetbikes" this month, to keep cool and have a laugh. Google it, seem like they will be fun, when I get them running ok.

youtube some vids here
Best vid is this one, lol
from "a group of like minded, wet bike owners".
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