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I have been travelling south and central america and mexico for 5+ months with my boyfriend. We are riding 2 up on a DR650 so space and weight are super important. I have also done a 4 month bicycle trip which is when I first discovered some of these low weight,low space products. Toiletries are just a difference between guys and girls thats all there is to it, and my boyfriend makes fun of my bag of toiletries all the time, but here is my list for us outdoorsy type girls:

General Toiletry Items:
--LUSH brand bar shampoo and conditioner. (absolutely amazing)
--LUSH brand lotion bar (I swear I dont represent them! they are just a super good brand for small and efficient products)
--disposable razor
--Dr Bronners soap, small bottle. can wash you, your clothes, almost anything
--toothpaste, toothbrush, floss
--nail file and tweezers
--mini deoderant
--Burts Bees lip balm
--small packet of anti-inflamatory/painkillers, anti-allergy, anti-diarrea, and anti-migraine pills
--5 or 6 bandaids and small plasic sqeeze packets of anti-bacterial
--the essential roll of TP!

--one 1 cmsquared cube of eye shadow which i always forget i have and only occasionally bring out for special nights

Period Stuff:
--o.b. tampons are tiny!
--a few pads, you can always a little box later, *also, if you are in an environmentalist and dont have a divacup, you can cut the ankles off an old pair of smartwool socks (the best socks i have found that dont smell even after a week or chaff when wet) and use as a pad and wash when needed.
* this disposable panty thing that was mentioned is quite funny to me. i just only carry black underwear that way they never stain, and you just wash when needed... also, the ex-efficios do dry quickly but they also get smelly again very quickly, and ultimately I ended up buying cotton because it just feels healthier down there. (this experiment took place during a 4 month bicycle tour) but i havent tried the mens ones yet....

Just because you have a vagina doesnt mean that you need a ridiculous amount of toiletries.
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