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We've been on the road for two weeks yesterday morning and taken a nearly two day break in the small farm of my brother & sister in law, between the Washington State towns of McKenna and Roy.

First order of business is to acknowledge my brother, who is defending our ability to take trips like this. Till February, Russ is living in an Army tent somewhere in Trashghanistan, where the temp is a dusty 103.

It's quarter of 7am and I'm standing in a woodshed, near a pig named Brat, who weights a whole lot more than I do.

Just want to assure Russ that 2 of the crows who've been dropping into the chicken coops died of sudden lead poisoning. Katie's been a gracious hostess and I wish I could do more for you. Just do what you have to do to get out of there. We'z got adventures to do! Meanwhile, Katie and the pooches are waiting. Since photos of her with the dogs didn't come out...

When we last posted, we'd just ridden Montana 93 to the US border, north-bound. one of the things we enjoyed about Montana was the ability to do 70 on the back roads. Talking to a clerk at a gas stop, she was shocked that out eastern US speed limits aren't the same. We really enjoyed Montana.

Speds in Canada are typically 90 or 100 kph, so about 54/60 mph, plus a bit to stay with traffic. There are a lot less police vehicles too, but we typically keep it within 10 or so of the limit. After Montana it just feels slower paced.

We stopped for our first night in Cranbrook, AB, and got a motel room to get out of the rain. Even got to see a movie, which cost ca$11. It'd cost that for a single ticket back home.

The next morning (Sat 6/9) we continued up 93 to Radium Hot Springs and turned east, to go through the Kootenay National Park. Beautiful road and stunning secenery. Didn't get many photos, due to the rain, but this is the idea:

We stopped at Lake Louise to dry out, warm up, and have lunch. Tim's boots were soaked.

We somewhat dried them with the Men's room hand dryer and watched the Euro soccer championship game. Starting back out on the new highway, we found these interesting bridges every so often. They are for the animals and to cut the number of cars hitting elk, bear, deer, & such:

Near Banf, we got onto what has been one of the highlights of our trip. The Icefields Parkway through the Canadian Rockies is 142 miles long and should be on everybodys' bucket list. Being on the bike, you are just immersed and constantly twisting to see the rocks and mountains and fields of ice. To me, this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth that I've been. This is a frozen lake of glacial run-off:

We met a father and his high school daughter from near home, where they took this of us:

We have bears back home, but this blackie was as high as my waist and easily the biggest of his kind that I've seen:

We stopped for the night in Jasper. Another fantastic place, almost lost in the north and we want to go back someday to spend more time there. If you take the roads we took, allow more time to get out and hike, both in Kootenay and Icefields, then relax in Jasper!

Next, west to Alaska...
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