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Originally Posted by LowPSI View Post
Here is a link to some photos of the Spanish vintage bikes

Check out Zona 7 on the left for more pics

There were some mighty trick bikes in this link.

Some TLR's (Yes, I stole the pics) -

A nice Rothmans TLR -

I especially like this one. The paint is rather subdued, but it reeks of trick bits. I dig the DID rear wheel, what appears to be a Ti header pipe, and RH mounted side stand (trick swingarm? Can't tell) just like the one pictured above.

This is one bling'd up TL!! -

Not all were trick. How do you say "Outright Junk" in Spanish??

These boys are not afraid to ride 'em either!

Damn nifty stuff if I do say so. I still wonder if mods of this caliber have caught on here in the states. Sting?

Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
If you dont believe this (above and quoted) has NOT hit twinshocks in the USA, you need to take off the rose coloered glasses.
Hey, I like my rose colored glasses! I did mention in that post I had not been to a National of any sort in over a year. Now I'm really looking forward to the MWVTA event in October!

Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
I thought there were pictures on lewisport of the trick Reflex? I thought someone posted them, oh well.
There are pictures of a trick Reflex on Adrian's website, I just don't know if it is the same trick Reflex that was spotted at the Nats. Haven't seen those pics yet.

The latest OJ update is that I got in contact with the Twinshock Shop in the UK inquiring about the trick alloy Triple clamps they offer for TLR Hondas. Really nice piece, except for the fact that the US dollar is really weak against the British pound right now, putting the triple clamps out of my price range. Damn shame, they look like really nice bits. I may just have to measure up the stockers, capture the dimensions in AutoCAD, (with the fork holes bored parallel to the stem!), and give it to the machine shop at work. More to come...

Thanks LowPSI for the link. There may be more mods coming OJ's way now.
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