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Originally Posted by cjbiker View Post
Even 100% stock, the KLX is a little tractor. Nice low end torque and super smooth power delivery. One of the motorcycle mags did a 250cc dual sport shootout a couple of years ago. The WRR won every category, with the KLX close behind. However, many of the testers preferred the KLX due to its more friendly power band.
Right out-of-the-box, the WRR is faster and has a little more available power due mainly to the FI. The carb on the KLX requires it to be super lean, and Kawasaki equipped it with a really choked down muffler. The price difference between the 2 bikes, however, makes it very easy and logical to mod the exhaust and install a Dynojet kit. This changes the KLX dramatically. Otherwise the 2 bikes are very similar in weight and suspension performance. I wouldn't mind having either bike, but I was able to find a used '06 model KLX for a decent price so it was a moot point.
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