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HA! Cannot believe I stumbled across this thread looking for a comparo between a KLR and a DR.

I've been playing WoT since the Beta, and I am LOVING the ADV 'stickers' on the tanks. BRILLIANT! I'd be all over joining the clan, but I'm already in one (FTRP....which despite opinions over v7.4 doesn't mean "F*** The Russian Programmers").

I thought I saw someone mention not being able to launch the game? I had the same problem, and it seems to be something peculiar to Windows 7 and Vista. I can't look here at work, but check out the WoT forums. There were a couple of threads in the bug-reporting area. One of them had a link to instructions that I followed to get my game up and running....updated some registry or something. But if I could do it, anyone can.

Some brief thoughts after reading this whole thread......

I've TK'd two people. One was a guy blocking my Ferdinand from moving, deliberately. The other was a 13 75 who went and hid behind a rock since "everyone on the other team can 1-shot me!". Neither turned me blue. I beleive you have to kill multiple people in a set space of time to turn blue.

The Marder II is awesome. I keep holding my breath for a Hornisse or Nashorn (Hummel chassis with a loooooooong 88).

I loathe the KV-4. I hope the IS-4 is worth it.

Clan wars is gonna require Tier 10s and 9s and gold ammo. Period. Our clan has been playing company battles and trying to get a core of guys with TeamSpeak to attempt a landing. Frankly, from what I heard, I am not sure I have the time to devote to sounds very time intensive.

Anywho, I'll keep an eye out for you all online. I'm ClownSix if you want to add me to a friend list. Oh, and I still am interested in hearing about the pros/cons of the KLR/DR thing. LOL I had an '06 KLR awhile back. Curious as to how the DR would do filling the role of "2-wheeled Jeep".
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