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The BMWs are (finally) coming

Yes, I am a little obsessed with these scooters. Found this French language scooter news site from a French language scooter forum. I do not speak French. Google translate does though.

Article Link:

Google Translation:

The first BMW maxiscooters C 600 and C 650 Sport GT, whose production had been delayed, will be delivered on or after July 14, 2012 to their clients French, Italian and Spanish. These three strategic markets will be the first served.

Germany will wait until July 21, the rest of Europe until July 28, ultra-marine markets following the fall of 2012. In France, it will cost you 11 100 for the BMW 600 Sport C, and 11 450 for C 650 GT.

These machines come eagerly awaited in France therefore a national holiday, what better way to make a spectacular entrance you say? Delayed by the quality department of BMW, the maximum high-end target for the flawless face nothing less than the Yamaha T-Max 530, and GT reference Honda SW-T 600 and Suzuki Burgman 650.

My only question now is of course, what the heck is an "ultra-marine market"?
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