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Originally Posted by SteelJM1 View Post
Last night was some great fun... as Smurf can attest to, I need to learn patience.

So! Anyone having problems wits the TS overlay... just like vent, run it (and WoT) in admin mode and all is well.
Yes, I am. It used to work when I first starting running TS in patch 7.3, but it stopped working well before 7.4 came around. It's tough as I admit getting used to voices to place names isn't my forte.

I should also admit than other than a cursory glance, I haven't really looked to see what could be done about changing it or turning it back on. It may be easy for all I know.

Originally Posted by AllenTC2 View Post

I loathe the KV-4. I hope the IS-4 is worth it.
I didn't have to go through the KV-4, lol, but I do have the IS-4. The IS-4 needs its top gun badly, so take that extra XP into account. But the IS-4 may be slowly converting me. I didn't like it at first, but being able to solo an E-100, frontally, means it must be better than I originally thought. I like the gun better than the IS-7's gun, though the IS-7 still has the tactical advantage of being able to put its big gun anywhere on the map much faster than any other tier 10. And quite honestly, that tacking of the tactical advantage, and using surprise, is more my play-style. The IS-8 works for that.

I like the IS-8 as well, but only when I'm not being told by my other clan as to where to put it and how to use it... most players gave up on it solely because they misunderstood it so badly.


Otherwise, just want to say that I'm thinking the SU-85 is pretty darned good. Only 16 games in it, but an 88% win ratio (with a lot of work on my part).

I haven't played it yet, but French arty seems to be becoming the force to reckon with. Smaller damage amounts, but seemingly fast rates of fire and good aiming. The key is that if your heavy gets tracked by one in a game with multiple arties, and don't have a repair kit, expect a shower of arty hits to last about a minute - being tracked the entire time - then death.
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