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Originally Posted by LewisNClark View Post
Extremely difficult place to find: Located in Ivy, Virginia.

Actual site is purposefully hidden since it is on private property. The Lewis plantation/farm was located behind these gates. Lewis farmed this area in 1789-1799+-. His mother Lucy Lewis Marks is buried in a private cemetery 50 yards away, also on private property.

Holy cow... sometimes posts on this site strike a nerve, in a good way. This one did because I passed this sign last week (at the corner of Route 250 and Route 678 - Owensville Road in Ivy, VA) next to Duner's restaurant. Not only that, I lived in Lewis' birthplace's backyard for three years while attending 4th and 5th grade at Meriwether Lewis Elementary school and sixth grade in middle school. We moved to Richmond after that. I have been in the house, but don't remember much about it other than it seemed like any old farm house I've been in and my sister was acquaintances with the little girl who lived there and we went swimming in the pool. The house was across the dirt road behind our house (that ran to a farm where another acquaintance of mine lived) and I could look at it anytime I felt like it by just looking out the window. I didn't want to because someone told me it was haunted.

The most interesting part to me is the difference in perspectives. Living there, I neglected to let all the "Lewisness" sink in, instead associating that time and place with riding my XR75 in the field, playing Spotlight at night (flashlight tag), and the great roads, even though I couldn't drive. Not to mention learning that you could pull the stem out of the Honeysuckle blooms and get a taste of the sugar inside from the drop of liquid on them, which inevitably led to the discussion about how many blooms it would take to make a drink of it (for the record, "A whole grocery bag" was the official answer). Someone always hid in the alluded to cemetery when we played Spotlight. I never knew that Lewis' mother was buried there until you all just said it, although I may have been told then and just forgot. What memories.

About the gates, my memory is that they were off of the dirt road behind my house and went to the cemetery, while the house itself sits right in the curve that turns right on Owensville Road. I believe there is a new (to me anyway, could have been there 10 years) subdivision just after the house. The house is right by the road, but may be hidden by vegetation.
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