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Huh... I always thought the house there was the birthplace house? But from what you're saying, it's another house that was built after the old one fell down? When you're 10, people just tell you, "That's where Meriwether Lewis was born" and you go with that. I never saw the old foundation, or don't remember it if I did. I'm really wondering now. I knew the family (at least their son) who lived back on the farm behind us. Makes me wonder if he knew some of that information and I never thought to ask. They still live there according to the sign at the road.

And... not planning on visiting his mother's grave either. I just remember the cemetery behind my house. You saying it was in someone's backyard makes me wonder if I ever even saw it, because the place I'm remembering was definitely a cemetery, but overgrown. Could have been someone's backyard, though, we just roamed all over.

Another thing I didn't know was that the place was a secret, which I guess depends on whether you live in the midst of it or not. We never thought to appreciate it at the time. We were more interested in walking down the road and across the railroad trestle to the Ivy store to buy chips and a drink from Mrs. Mahanes who ran the store. I think they sell plants now.
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