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MOD F800 GS Side Stand Enlarger

Here's a review that just got posted

"My Third Foot
Added Jun 18, 2012, Under: Farkels,Reviews
When I was in the Baja a few weeks back I had the opportunity to try out a new kickstand plate. Up to that point I had been riding with a Wunderlich version (put on shortly after I watched my little red 650 sink into the asphalt like it was melted butter), and wasn’t sure I would notice a significant difference between it, and the M.O.D foot I was replacing it with.
Flashy it is not… but sure did the trick!

Compared in hand, side by side, the plates felt around the same weight, they were of similar shape, but the Wunderlich model had an edgier feel to it, with sharper angels and detailed grooving on the leading edge. Motorcycle Overland Development (M.O.D.) had gone with an unpretentious rounded look which didn’t appeal to my sense of styling, and when I removed the existing plate, I had every intention of… well, writing a boring review, and putting it right back on. How much can you say about a kickstand foot extender anyway?
The Wunderlich Version
Styling comes at a price…

It was shortly after the install that the most cynical part of me was left behind on the sloping shoulder of the Trans-Canada Hwy. About 1% of the time, I come to a stop on a perfectly even, smooth surface, while 39% of the time its mud, sand, grass, and rocks. The last 60% of the time, the land is sloping, “wiboliy-wobbly” pavement that’s had tree roots crawling along its underbelly for years… It is this pavement in particular that becomes a challenge with the sharper angles of the Wunderlich foot as they seem to catch and dig into the uneven pavement, sending me into a balancing act of hammering up asphalt with its grooved teeth and swearing bloody murder as I debate just how far I can balance the bike to the right while still in the saddle…
The foot was awesome in the sand to-boot! It seemed the perfect size to support the bike (even in deep sand) but was light and didn’t get in the way when putting down the side-stand. There were no audible rattles on the highway or off the beaten path… in fact, once the foot plate was on… I delightfully forgot about it -not a nasty surprise in sight!

Deep sand? No worries!

Again and again, I found the M.O.D. kick-plate suited its purpose in a surprisingly unpretentious way. Who would have guessed that the pate’s simplicity was really its crowning glory? Without frill or gimmicks to distract you, the foot did it’s job to perfection… so much so… I’m left without much to write about… see paragraph #2… irony’s a bitch.
-Sarah Tripper
Motorcycle Overland Development is a local company to me; based out of Vancover B.C. Canada. They do an exceptional job fabricating some incredibly functional farkels for Adventure Motorcycles. Over the years I’ve come to trust the company for making bike protection and accessories that ‘just work’! See their website here at Dave has just come out with an awesome skid plate-mounted and lockable toolbox."

Link to site:

Link to review:

Thanks Sarah!! Glad to hear you liked it!!

As a side note we are now only offering both the F800 GS & F650 GS (twin, not lowered) feet in black anodized.
No one wants the raw silver anymore so black it is!

See you out there!
Moto Overland [MOD] -Skid Plates, Top racks, Tool Boxes etc for Adventure bikes
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