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My F800GS is ok, but my foot is f****d

My english isn't perfect but you'll understand .

25th of may I was returning home from work. I crashed my bike while crossing some train tracks that run across the road. The road is normal asphalt and between the train tracks the road is heavely damaged. The difference in height between the damage road and the tracks is 2-3 inches. My front wheel slipped away and baaaam I hit the ground. It happened so fast. My bike fell on my left foot with a big impact. Luckely I always wear my protection (bmw rallye 3 suit).

It happened in the harbor of Antwerp (Belgium).
Location of the incident:

white = road
red = train tracks
green = route of the bike
blue = place of crash

Immediatly after the crash people ran to me to help because I couldn't get up, I knew there was something wrong with my foot. They called the ambulance, and I was carried to the hospital where they made some x-rays and some scans.

Ow sh*t that doesn't look good:

4 bones that goes towards my toes are broken, 1 of those bones is shifted as you can see on the picture above. There's also a crack in my fibula.

They put a titanium plate on my fibula the 31ste of may:

and 1 metal pin through the bones that were shifted in my foot.

The day after surgery I was in so much pain and sweating like a horse. Never had so much pain in my life.

My foot, 1 week after surgery:

At first I didn't know the metal pin was visible, but the fracking thing stuck out of my foot. My first reaction was like: "Ow my god, what the f*ck is that thing!!!" The doctor: "Ow yeah, that's a metal pin holding your bones together. We pull that out of your foot in a few weeks WITHOUT local anesthetic." Me again:"What, you're out of your fracking mind!"

After going crazy he explained to me that there are no nerves in your bones and that it wouldn't hurt a lot.

That's a nice zipper :

Except for my foot I didn't have 1 scratch or a bruise, my foot was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
The only thing I'm angry about is that my summer is over before it even started. My riding season is finished for the next 3 months, and then winter starts again, yipieee :(.

Some pictures of my bike after the crash, nothing serious, just some scratches, but it is an adventure bike right?

I can't wait to get back on my bike !!
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