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Based on the comments in the earlier thread, I think way too much time is being spent on thinking about tools to make roadbooks instead of going out and actually making a roadbook. Who cares if your roadbook looks like a Picasso or chicken scratches and stick men! You'll learn qucikly what aspects are important and what's just making things pretty by going out and actually doing it.

Sketch out a few lines on a sheet of paper like the blank sample below, make 10 copies, then go out and create a short roadbook. I assure you, even with the most exotic roadbook making tools it's still a lot of work. The tools only make it SLIGHTLY easier. Most people will burn out after making their first roadbook, so better to get that done and over with quickly. After you've done a few roadbooks with pencil and paper, you'll know what features to look for in a software tool.

And if I'm following some else's roadbook, I'd much rather it be creative, fun, challenging and hand-drawn than a boring ride and boring navigation in a work of art roadbook. Think about what will make the ride and navigation interesting, fun, and challenging, not what will make the paper pretty.
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