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Originally Posted by UNO_RIDER View Post
The actual cost is likely closer to $95,000-$115,000 with rehab which is ridiculous. Everyone deserves healthcare regardless of income status and without unnecessarily bankrupting folks.

In terms of boots, seriously consider Sidis. I have pair of the crossfires...they are awesome, provide good protection and can flex. Very, nice boot for adventure/dirt/super-moto riding.

Again, sorry for changing the subject.
I have Sidi crossfires already but only use them when I go out with my KTM 690 . Those boots are the best. I'm sure that when I had worn them, my foot was in a much better condition. Lesson learned ...

About the costs for surgery and rehab. The insurance company of my employer has to pay for all of it, because I was driving home from work. The insurance company sees it as a work accident, It's the law here in Belgium. I don't have to pay 1$. They even pay for my fuel for driving to a medical inspection. The first month I'm home my employer will pay my wage, the second month and furter the insurance company will pay my wage when I'm recovering home. Again, it's the law here in Belgium. The only thing they don't compensate is the damage at my bike, the bastards .

In this case if the insurance company of my employer refused to pay, I can still rely on my personal insurance. And if my personal insurance fails, I can rely on another insurance that everybody in Belgium has to pay for (a kind of health insurance).
A lot of bigger company in Belgium give a personal insurance for free to there employees, just like mine.

I can't complain about health insurance in Belgium, it's really good. But a lot of other things are just f****d up over here. If you want to understand Belgium, you can watch this video .
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