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Originally Posted by Mr. B View Post
I had a memory failure. This thread started a year ago, and I was thinking that the OP was asking about an airgun to use on squirrels and birds. In fact, it was squirrels and chipmunks. I thought the gun pictured above was a bit of overkill (pardon the pun) for the critters the OP wanted to eradicate-chipmunks, not little birds.

FWIW, some people (not me) apparently have problems with grackles, starlings, etc. and use airguns to eliminate them. In this hobby, people kill everything from flies and grasshoppers to wild pigs with air rifles. This thread has already gone too far afield, so I won't debate you on the ethics or humanity of killing things, big or small.

BTW, my favorite targets are Necco candy wafers and little green army men!
Thank you for that civil response. I had a Sheridan pellet rifle when I was a kid and thought it was a great rifle.
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