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Originally Posted by Eaglebeak View Post

Each to their own, but I was giving my experience of BM's after your statement about the infamous "rear end failures".
I think this so called rear end failure is, as we Australians say, "a bit of a Furphy".
From what I've sometimes read on this site about BM rear end failures, BM's should be dropping like flies, but I see heaps and heaps of BM's at Border runs and the like.
Percentage of failures, compared to bikes sold, maybe compared to total miles, now that'd be interesting !

I'll say it again, in my opinion, the new Urals in Australia are overpriced.

So true,
If the internet "chicken little's" were right, we would be seeing the road littered with broken bikes. You can go to any forum and whenever a failure comes up there will be the usual characters who proclaim the bike total crap, and others who deny there is are any problem at all, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.

It's probably fair to say Urals do have more FD issues per unit and miles traveled, but the vast majority of Urals are lugging around a sidecar, and the vast majority of BMW's are not. It's also probably fair to say that if the majority of BMW's were hauling around a sidecar the failure rate would be higher too.
This is all speculation though, as nobody here really knows the actual numbers.

Why are the prices so much higher in Australia? Don't you pay significantly more for all vehicles there?
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