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Originally Posted by GeezerStank View Post

Here's the difference on just a dry hill:

In the winter I run a K37 on the pusher, I go as far as I can using just that, when the bike won't go any further, I put it in 2WD and continue on without much drama. And when I need to pick a new line(stuck in 2WD) I put it in reverse, back up and go again, nice!! I just don't see how people can dispute how well these extras work?
Howdy All,

Just in case you don't already know it, that video is mine, I took when we met "Hubert" when he was doing the southwestern part of the USA as he toured the world. The BMW in the video is Hubert's, after riding with me and Don for a few days and seeing what our Ural's COULD do that his BMW COULDN'T do he was quite impressed.

Oh and that "dry hill" in the video is of us crossing Mengel Pass, from east to west in Death Valley, to the best of my knowledge when we did that crossing we were the FIRST sidecars to even attempt it let alone climb it, since then I and other URAL riders have done it many times, I have lots of video posted on youtube, check them out sometime.

In fact Hubert stayed in contact with me over the next couple of years and we discussed the improvements made to the Ural. Hubert is now continuing his round the world sojourn on a Ural. Yes he has had problems, READ his blog and he writes about ALL the rigs he has had over the years and how they ALL have failed or had weak points, he goes on to state for what he's doing NOW the Ural seems to be the best machine.

There is no way in HELL, I would ever say the Ural is the best machine in all circumstances. I have a very expensive BMW R1150GS that has a DMC hack installed on it with ALL the trimmings, its a wonderful high speed paved and GOOD gravel road machine, it wouldn't stand a chance keeping up with or covering the off road terrain that I usually take my Ural on.

I am down to 8 motorcycles, each is a different brand and type, each has a job that they perform really well, like tools different bikes allow you to perform different jobs-rides easily. If the only tool you own is a hammer the quality of the finish carpentry you will be able to do will be crude, the same can be said for motorcycles and their intended use; using a hammer to saw a board in half would make as much sense as me using my R1 to compete in a trials event.
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