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The internet is so cool. It brings out the best in people.

Oh by the way, I LOVE MY URAL! I LOVE REVERSE, I LOVE 2 WHEEL DRIVE, AND I LOVE THAT IT BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE! Keep up the discussion, of all the complaints about poor QC and how poorly made the Ural is, the thought that I have a rig that so many others don't want makes me feel special. So don't buy one, don't say anything positive so others will buy one, and by all means keep up the negative conversation about them. I'll waive as I pass you in the snow, sand, muddy rut ridden trail that 2 wheels can't get thru. And I'll continue to waive back at all the kids (not just young kids) in cars that waive at me. It's not just a novelty (the Ural), it's a passion and an adventure. I'll worry about breaking down when I do break down. Until then, I'll continue to hop on the seat and smile the biggest smile I have in years.

So by all means do not purchase one. You will have so many things to worry about it isn't worth it. And you have to read so many posts about how crappy they are it will make your head spin. I mean it's not like they have been selling them for decades or anything. And still today, you have to wait in line to get one. It must be the extremely poor manufacturing that causes this. Oh wait, maybe it's the complete lack of fun they are. No, No I remember it's the percentage of break downs to smiles that doesn't make them worth it. This equation makes sense doesn't it.

Break downs = 1
smiles prior to break down=1000000000000000000


That's negative equity isn't it?
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