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Day 5

Final day of our trip:

At last we were on our last day of our trip. Plan was taking dirt down to 9 to bypass 89. Browneye left early in the morning to catch 14 before they close it down for contraction so were down to 8 riders.
It was a beautiful day as well. We went around Navajo Lake and headed south to Zion.

It was mostly wide graded dirt roads so we were making good time. Buster714:

Riddler990 going at 10 mph in this turn

End of the smooth dirt we hit pavement and regrouped before 9 Hwy.

We were in front of a new development right next to Zion National Park. There were a lot of customers going in and out. They'll sell them fast...

Aram taking corners R6 style

Finally we hit Hwy 9 and right before we headed west to Zion, I saw those bison on the other side of the hwy. I have never seen them with my own eyes so I went there and took some pics.

Finally Zion entrance (entrance was expensive )

The rest is bunch of Zion pictures.

We had to wait about 15-20 minutes to use the tunnel on 9 Hwy. They let one way traffic only.

Organizer, thanks again Joel for this amazing ride:

From one of those small openings in the tunnel:


Zion visitor center.

Once we left Zion, we headed to Saint George for lunch. Typical Utah landscape.

Lunch at Danny's, Saint George.

After lunch, we were in a great rush to jump in the pool at our hotel in Masquite. We are trying to catch Aram on 15. He was riding his R6 I think...

And finally... We all felt like, this one is for you John (Riddler990), wait for it....

Jesus on a Easter morning

Rich stayed down there for 10 mins to clean up.

Paul as cool as he gets



And next morning we got our Starbucks coffees and headed back to our monotone city life...

Rich and I heading back to Long Beach on 5 Fwy after we unload our bikes at Riddler's home in Burbank.

This wraps up my RR with my own pictures. There are many more great photos taken by other riders. I didn't use theirs in my RR but once they post them here, I'll star using them as well.

I can't thank enough to Joel for organizing this epic adventure for us and all other riders. We can't have this kind of riding and adventure everyday here in big cities. All we can have is day rides on weekends and weekend rides like WMRS, Kennedy Meadows or Death Valley. When we get a chance of this kind, we shouldn't pass. Life is short and try to make most it.
Thanks for reading...

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