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I missed the first Enduro in the district's series but finally had all my ducks in order to ride in the Fool's Gold Enduro at Georgetown. this event is a little special, because of whatever rules they cannot get a commerical license to hold the event. the entry fees is "free", but you're encouraged to make a donation, same for the roll charts. since I had some issues with a state ranger at prairie city about my stock muffler on the xr350, I went up the night before the race to register, get a roll chart and have my technical inspection to make sure it passes without the baffle, which it did without trouble.

this is my first experience with roll charts. I loaded it into my MSR roll chart holder the night before. it's pretty cheap, but it mostly works.

there were some little details to take care of the next morning. E.g. I needed to label my number plate out of tape and permanent marker. I got a little label to stick on the side of my helmet. dropped off my fuel (and snacks/gatorade) at the fuel truck to take to the fuel stop. since my row was 69 and it was only 7am (start was 8:00) I had to kill some time. checking the oil, etc... went over to the start about 30mins early met up with the other riders on my row and eventually rolled up to the start.

finally, it was time. kill the engine, wait for the count down, start my enduro clock, kick start the bike and we're off....the first important place is the 2.9 mile odometer check. since the start is the first "known control", the earliest place we can have a check point, is at 3.0 miles. a mile marker is placed at 2.9 synchronize your odometer with the "route mileage". The idea is to synchronize your odometer with whichever odometer that was used to layout the course, however, it's legal for the organizer to "change" the route mileage at certain places to throw you off. basically, everytime you see a mile marker on the trail (as well as all the known controls), you have to make sure you adjust your odometer to match the route mileage, otherwise, if the advance the route mileage, it's impossible to figure out where you are on the roll chart and how your time is.

in any case, the course was easy so far, so everyone is early and we wait at the marker for our time. I mistakenly adjust the clock on my enduro computer. you don't ever want to do this, but I thought I could fine tune the clock, since I wasn't sure if I started it right on my time. the problem is that when you adjust the time on my computer, it stops the clock and you have to re-start it, which I forgot, so the time was now stuck and basically I had no idea what my time was anymore...

first lesson learned ! the next time, adjust the time on the computer "-1 minute" before your start time and start the clock when the row before you starts. this way, you accurately start the clock, without having to worry about starting your bike, etc... when it's your time to go, the clock will have counted down to 0:00 and is ready to go.

the first part of the course is easy, and pretty much serves as a warm up. also, I have ridden these trails on my XL600, so everything feels super comfortable... no worries, it gets harder.

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