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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove
My Ural leaked oil in my garage. It was new. Only new bike that ever leaked oil from where the engine cases came together.

where the cases came together?

That was my attempt to describe the area, but it was leaking at the seam in the front, under the front cover where the alternator/generator is.

When I am older, I may buy another one. I did have good times with it.
Might have been the cam seal behind the ignition, pretty common. Mine sweats a little oil from there, not enough to bother with.... A Ural is kinda like owning a old Guzzi, Triumph or Norton, same vintage build style, they kinda ooze oil a little from here and there, nature of the beast. I have one push rod tube that seeps a little oil since it was new. It just doesn't leak enough to pull the head and disturb things, heheh I knew this bike would be like that, it's what it is, old technology. Only thing Urals are missing is some outside oilers with banjo fittings and copper washers you have to heat up when you mess with them. Ah them were the days..............
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