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Thanks JD, that is one welcomed piece of news.

To keep on track, I am sorry to report that Mexico is dangerous and now I believe it.

My son hurt his foot at a football game last Saturday (American Football, there is a huge league here believe it or not) and his ligaments became so inflamed that I took him to Hospiten for a visit with one of the best sports orthopedic Doctors around. Their two Hospitals are the Hospitals of choice with all Resorts both here and Cancun. We are lucky to have great Hospitals here in Mexico.

As I walked in I could not help but notice how many tourists were in the main lobby. Some were arguing to the staff wanting to see their loved one and to talk to their doctor. Some were sitting, apparently in shock, pensive and worried. More people checked in limping. One was being helped while walking and I could not tell if he was totally drunk or actually hurt, I later figured out it was both.

The place looked like a war zone, with casualties everywhere. I could not believe how many injured tourist there were. I later asked the doctor what was going on and he said it was typical, especially Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays when their vacation week was ending. Two patients had heart attacks, but most injuries were from falls at the resort (bar related) some injuries were from diving in shallow pools, two people crashed their ATV on a tour, a couple were boat injuries (what he meant by that I do not know, I didn’t ask.)

He said, "Well, it is the reason I could not see you until 7pm. I get to see most of them, as most injuries are usually foot/leg/hip/spine related. The majority of my patients are drinking related." He said with a big smile.

So there, I said it! Be careful in Mexico! It can be dangerous. Beer is ever flowing and at most times it is followed by many tequila shots. All it takes are a few drinks, wet tiles around the pool area and you could be injured. It is not as safe as your office cubicle at home, guaranteed. Throw in a motorcycle on top of that and it can be outright deadly.

Anyways, no one was there for gunshot wounds or violent injuries. Most were there for self-inflicted mishaps.

My heart goes out to each and every one of them. It was sad to see so many people who were obviously having a great time having their vacation cut short due to something as stupid as a fall. Very sad indeed
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