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That $9999 Tourist T doesn't have 2wd, you know?

Heck, it doesn't come with much of anything. So.... why are you quoting the cheapest most stripped down Ural price?

Here, I'll say it for you, Ural is the cheapest 2wd and reverse sidecar motorcycle. We all know that.
Most people don't need that.
And.... the quality still sucks.

So if you NEED 2wd and reverse and you're short on cash, definitely, get a Ural.
Otherwise, why?

Originally Posted by windmill View Post
The Tourist T is $9999,
How much money would you need to "throw" at a KLR rig to have 2wd and reverse? Apple to apple you know.

"Street cred"??? Is that like Starbucks, when you get so many stamps you get something free?
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