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Those don't sound like a good fit for motorcycles - from what I read, they are for construction workers, etc where they are exposed to short burst of loud noises - kind of like automatic welder's goggles for your ears. I that situation, regular plugs are never in when you need them, so I think the idea is to leave these in all the time and they will protect your ears if and when required.

I guess they might be useful for riding around town where you want to hear at low speeds but get the noise cut at higher speeds. They are also $$$$$ - almost as much as Shure 535's!
Actually they seem like they'd be a very good match for us riders given that, like construction workers, we too see a mix of high noise and the need to communicate, or at least be aware of our surroundings, when noise subsides. But, effectiveness probably depends on the activation threshold noise level. Their data indicates max attenuation kicks in when peaks reach around 120 dB. For those wind noise pops, i'd bet that happens quite often. What I like about the idea is being able to chat when stopped, or communicate at a toll booth or a gas stop, all without having to remove both helmet and plugs! Now combine that feature with a bluetooth connection for music, and you've got a winner!

What I don't like of course is the high price... but I'd really like to try out a pair, or hear from someone who has. The crew at Etymotic have always had their act together.
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