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I look at "risk" in Mexico on two different levels, short term and long term. In the last five years I have spent more than five months touring Mexico, including over a month earlier this year. I will be leaving July for another four or five weeks there, plus I will be taking my cousin for his first trip to Mexico in November. And I will be passing through next January headed for Central America again. I guess that probably sums up my short term concern about "risk" in Mexico! There are definitely things I do and don't do while there, but those things have been talked about many times here on this thread.

My big concern is what I see coming in the long term. If something don't start changing down there quickly, it will become the place some make it out to be today. I don't really know what to do about it other than complain! But it does concern me tremendously, not because I am a Mexico "hater", but because I am a Mexico "lover"! The longer banditos seemly operate "above" the law, the more banditos there will be and the wider swath they will take. Just my opinion. But in the mean time, I will continue to travel and enjoying Mexico!
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