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My too sense ....

Thank you!! Thank you for posting this thread.

My 550 did the same thing, no matter how hard I touched the screen the results were not what I wanted.

After a bit of deliberation, a phone call (39 minutes on hold, waiting to talk to someone) to Garmin, the best offer was the $150 refurbished unit. There was absolutely no deal to upgrade to a 660 or 665. Maybe others might have better luck, or have you had better luck?

I ordered off ebay, the ones shipped from Minnesota, glass and touch screen complete, delivered in three days for free. Okay the cost was $45, but it did arrive when stated, and it works fine.

The only difference I found was there seemed to be sort of a sheet of thin foam rubber all around the edges, instead of the formed rubber gasket that mine has had from new. I put the screen in with the new foam, instead of my old gasket, fits perfectly.

Having bought into the "Lifetime Maps" for my 550, I'm a happy camper that it's not going to be, as mentioned, a paperweight.

Again, thank you so much for starting and maintaining this thread!

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