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I'll see you guys in Deming

I've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time and I'm glad to be taking it with the folks I'll be riding with. There are a few others who were going to ride with us that I wish were still going to, but that's life. I won't be taking my bike all the way back to Virginia Beach since I am moving to Colorado Springs this fall, so I am going to ride back down there and leave it in a storage room to make the move easier.

So, I'll be leaving this Friday as soon as I am able to sneak away from work, and I'll have about 2400 miles to ride before Monday afternoon.

First night I'll be staying in Bristol, TN with some friends. From there, I am going to head west to Nashville, where I will pick up and ride the Natchez Trace Parkway for its entire length. I am assuming this will entail much slower speeds, but I think I have the time for it, otherwise, I will eject early and set my GPS to fastest route.

Ultimately, I need to be in El Paso by Monday afternoon where a small shop is going to put TKC 80s on for me. The shop is a one-man shop run by inmate RPMMotorcycle and so far I have really enjoyed his blunt, no-nonsense communication regarding the work. I sent him a check ahead of time for the cost of the tires so that he would order them and guarantee they would be on hand.

We're meeting in Deming on Tuesday night, so I'll spend Tuesday riding from El Paso to the Mexico border and riding the first stretch of the CDR until I hit I-10.

Along the way, since I am participating in the Smoke Chasing Grand Tour, I am going to hit Barbeque restaurants in some states along the way: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

Just checked the weather and it is expected to be hot, but not too hot, even though I have chosen to ride right through the heart of Texas

The route:
From Continental Divide Route

Not sure how much I'll be able to contribute to the ride report along the way since I have decided not to take a laptop with me this trip. It will be quite the experiment and I may not know what to do with myself

Oh yeah, one more thing, I guess I better start packing one of these days....

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