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Like Canoli said, you should get the bike you want, but be prepared for the extra cost and hassle if you get an "unusual" bike for Lao. For parts or any kind of work on a KTM you are going to have to go to Thailand. You should probably also do some serious research on the process for importing a vehicle here. I doubt very much that it will be simple, and it will most likely be very expensive.

For the size of the bike I would highly recommend that you downsize. I don't know if you have visited here or not, but the roads are such shit no one is really going fast at all... I currently have a honda Win 100 which passes 90% of the bikes and cars on the road. You would never actually be able to use all 1000 ccs, and remember that the roads are very muddy, which means that a heavy bike is going to be all that much more difficult to control. There is a shop here "Fuark's" (or something) that can work on Honda dual sports at a reasonable price and good quality. He sells old Honda Bajas for about $2-3k, which is about the going rate for an off road bike here.

I would also recommend that you buy your riding gear somewhere other than Asia. Quality control here is a joke- which is fine for cheap electronics (kinda) but for your helmet, not so much.

When you get to town send me a message and we can grab a beer or cup of coffee- I should be getting a "proper" dirtbike soon so we could do some exploring if you would like.

Here's a website you should check out.
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