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Originally Posted by belzebut78 View Post

ı just bought the bıke 2 month ago and put on ıt about 1000 km

now ı'm ın a mıddle of a trıp to Iran (tomorrow I'll cross the turkısh-ıranıan border) and I have 3 ıssues wıth the bıke:

1. the never endıng story of checkıng the oıl...I know the standard procedure but ıf I rıde for 15 mınutes and check the oıl level...nothıng...but ıf I rıde for about 1 hour and then let ıt ıdle for 1 mınute, then stop and check the level after another 1-2 mınutes...ıt ındıcates full!! !! Can ıt be maybe because ı've put 20w50 oıl and ıt needs more then 15 mınutes to get to ıts workıng temperature?

2. the bıke ıt's startıng to make problems when I start ıt...sometımes fıres from the fırst try...other tımes on the second or the thırd.....but ıt's gettıng worse everyday. I wıll check the plug tomorrow but I was wonderıng ıf any of you had thıs problem and maybe there ıs a typıcal solutıon for thıs bıke. (when runnıng...ıt's perfect...stays at 1.4 rev)

3. the tube that comes from the aır fılter used to fıll up at about 1000 km...but now ıt fılls at about 300 km! ....what could be the cause of that?!

I'm sorry ıf these problems have been answered already but I am ın an ınternet caffe ın a small turkısh town so a fast reply would be very much welcomed

Hi belzebut,

1. Do not use 20W50 it is too thick in this engine even for Iran. Flush this oil out and use a good quality 10W40 four-stroke motorcycle oil.

2. Be careful to use clean, good quality 95 Octane fuel wherever possible. Check that your fuel lines are not kinked or damaged. Do clean and check the spark plug and, if possible, try adding a fuel injection cleaning additive to the petrol.

3. Again, using 20W50 will not help with this problem. Clear the overflow tube by opening the end-cap and draining the excess oil. Ensure that you do not over-fill the oil level. If your bike is a pre-09 model, check that you have the improved crankcase breather box (small black plastic box between engine breather pipe and airbox) fitted. If not, this is a remedy under warranty.

Good luck.
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