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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
I have an iPad3 and like it for a lot of reasons. Productivity isn't one.

If the keyboard/cover thingy on the Surface really works and I can get a proper MS Word software complete with annotation/correction functionality that seamlessly syncs with my Windows laptop AND it's cheaper than an iPad, I would seriously consider it.
This sums up my thoughts exactly. I love my iPad but am not closed to other products. When I bought this iPad (first generation) it was the first new technology I had adopted "first", but the minute I saw it I knew it was the right product for me.

It actually has features I use at work. I can keep my engineering plan sets on it and call them up during site visits for discussion, for example. Design manuals are saved for fast reference. Maps and google earth are in our toolkit for land development. And so forth. But as a business traveler I also like the movies, long battery life, and 3G plus wifi capabilities. I have had times when my pc laptop would simple not log in for an email session, and the iPad performed flawlessly. It has been a revolutionary product for my life and I never felt it was a mistake.

Is it a replacement for a laptop? No, in a business sense it's a complement to it, but that's hardly the point. Repeating the mantra that tablets aren't as good as laptops is trite and all, but users of tablets aren't asking for laptop computing power. I have no pretensions of running a heavy duty engineering simulation on an iPad. But once out in the field, the iPad shines with portability and simplicity. A laptop just cant do it.

All this said, Surface looks really cool though, and if it offers something more akin to a laptop than the iPad, while still retaining tablet portability and functionality, I thnk it will be a strong contender. If Microsoft manages to actually take these "toy" arguments and produce a business machine with this level of portability, it will be the next step in my view.

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