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Brenda and I talked yesterday about getting an "Adventure" group together to go skydiving. The most popular and easy way to experience the thrill is to go Tandem. If you want to jump by yourself, like Guy said, you can go AFF but it requires a lot of training.

IMHO .... The best time to go skydiving is during what they call a "Boogie". A "Boogie" is when they invite large groups of skydivers as well as large turbine aircraft. When they have large turbine aircraft the jumps are typically made from higher altitudes which equals longer skydives. More bang for the buck. In addition there are more loads during the day which makes for better entertainment for the spectators on the ground. In simple terms a skydiving Boogie is the same thing as a motorcycle rally. It's just more fun.

Prices vary between drop zones and aircraft but the typical cost of a tandem is around $200. Videos are available for an additional cost. Group rates are available at most facilities.

In Virginia there are two facilities I would recommend .... Skydive Orange in Orange Va and Skydive The Point which is now called Virginia Skydiving Center and operating out of the Dinwiddie airport just south of Richmond. They both operate turbine aircraft full time and have been around a long time.

I think Brenda has challenged all you rough and tuff guys to a skydive so who wants to go? Weight limits for tandems are around 250 lbs. You have to be at least 18 years old and for you old guys ... There is no age limit on the high side. Even if some of you are too scared to jump we can still get a group to ride over for support.
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