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(Some below photos captured from GoPro thus low quality. Sorry.)
On the road again for about 20km more, we reached the entrance gate of the Khao Yai Park.

It was so lucky to me as having Tony with me this trip. I was advised that not to say anything until we pass the gate. I had a glance at the price: 400Baht for Foreign! Whilst Thai is charged 70Baht only.
This is location of that gate: 1413'20.45"N 10124'20.97"E

Successfully passed the gate as a Thai residence, Tony informed me that's good time to turn my GoPro on. Well, lots of fun must be ahead.

The first corner right after where we stopped for turning on the GoPro:

A lot of trees along the road. Really nice and clean road. I was so keen to see the some monkeys or elephant crossing...

The Versys seemed not really be handled well by myself. I am familiar with naked or sport touring bikes, with the lower seat, lower handle bar, with big enough windshield and side fairing. This versys quite high to me. I can't touch both of my foot on the road. The high handle bar made me feel floating while cornering.
And one more thing is the helmet. It was so noisy and it made me feel like I was hanging on the wing of a jet plane. Sometimes on highway, I was feeling like riding at 180km/h but actually just 120km/h.

Some more turns captured from video:

Really nice roads for any biker:

To this turn, I suddenly saw the dark color on the road surface. Sh*t...!! Oh not sh*t, that must be some big elephant just pee on the road!!!

I lost control in a second. Lucky me, the Versys is not as heavy as my VFR so the rear of the bike still stable. I just squeezed and pushed the breaks, slowly returned back to the road from the grass without "landing".

Tony was just right behind me, saw that, and pulled his throttle after I confirmed myself Okay.

(to be continued...)
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