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Day 9 – Rest Day in hotel!
May 28, 2012
So, toddya is, a REST DAY, here, in Sigish … Shigsh …. Gishhigh … Sighisoara! Is in darkest wettest Transylvania! and you geusss what, it rain allday, so I sttay in t6he, ghotel room and get drniks from the Minni Bar! And do muchj toaqsts to An glo Ronamian freindhsip, oh yes, Look, is beautiful view of old city in rain, here is it, even if see onyl two spires, oh yes;::

and this view, through Window! Because I not go out in rain, I enjopy Use of miinibar but, when it come 4′clock i finsih drink (cheers) and go out and get wet picrtures annyway,, even if rain, oh yes indeed …. look, here is puddle showing Translyvanian rain, what is verry typicAl for tnhis area, I like very much view of it. Is very tuoristic. You look:

Now you readers wait, soon it come 45 oclo’ck and I find. ranicoat an d go make photo of actual SIGHISOARA visit personally in rain!! Mayeb i get cofee first, is ver’ good … You know is interesting histroy, was plauge in 1603 kill 2000 person and then 1673 it all burn down. (so was it not rain then, no no(. And maybe ‘interesting’ wrong word … I not think Sighisoarans stand in rain coughing from plague and say, Oooh look, old historic medieval city on fire, this very interesting. Cheers …

Day 9 – Sighisoara
May 29, 2012
Well it never stopped raining, but from 5pm the rain became sort of ordinary, so I emerged from the hotel with camera under raincoat and walked around the historic town. There are some cars (and motorbikes) but not many – here’s a general view and a typical street:

The main square. As with the much bigger town of Timisoara, the buildings on all 4 sides of the square are like this:

There is a very long straight stairway in stone, walled and roofed in wood all the way up, leading to thechurch on the hill:

We are in Transylvania, don’t forget. Tomorrow we will look at Vlad the Impaler’s castle at Bran, which reportedly is hopelessly touristy. Here’s the very atmospheric graveyard at Sighisoara:

Finally, here is a door handle:
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