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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
I just tried to install that Domgard's Mod Pack, but thoroughly screwed my client up doing it (it already had XVM, so I wasn't sure how to install the pack around it)... so this time I uninstalled the client.

What I found after uninstalling was a ton of folders and files left over (aside from the screenshots... of which I have over 1,500 screen shots ... I'm not kidding...). I moved my screenshots folder and then manually deleted everything, defragmented the hard drive, then uploaded the client again and installed it.

Maybe this will make a difference with the red screens?

And... I'm gonna skip future mod packs save for XVM... I always tend to screw them up, then I'm out an hour uninstalling and re-downloading the client again.
With any mods now you should ony be adding files to the res_mod folder/*current version* folder. If something doesn't work you just remove the contents of that folder. Also, i never unzip a mod directly to WoT. I put it somewhere else and then copy. Many mods dont work together without tweeking. Thats usually done already with a mod pac.
I've. Tried a few mod managers but always had trouble. Ever since they added the res mod folder manual has been easier.
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