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Originally Posted by George 99 View Post

Six picture album is here.

(Okay, what am I not getting here? The "image" tag isn't displaying the pic tho I know I've done this before. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.)
The problem is the URLs you've put in your IMG tags aren't URLs for images, but rather goofy javascript generated pages that include an image along with a whole bunch of non-image crap. You need to link to the image file itself, like {IMG}{/IMG}:

Google doesn't make that easy to do, as best as I can tell you've got to open each page in your browser, right click and select "open image in new tab", and extract the correct URL from the address bar for the new tab. Way too much work IMO, so I'd recommend hosting your images elsewhere. Smugmug & Photobucket both seem to work well here.
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