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So as we were crossing Nevada, we stopped in for lunch at a McDonalds in Ely. My dad has been posting all of the updates from his iPad and brought it in with him to write the next update and to select photos to upload. Sadly it was stolen and so we spent most of the day in Ely visiting the pleasant police there (some of whom are motorcycle addicts). My dad was pretty pissed and bummed. We spent a good portion of time attempting to turn on the location feature to get the coordinates. Sadly no luck so we had to move on. We are now in Fillmore, Utah getting ready to camp for the night. There were a lot of strong cross winds as we traveled East. It is easy to see why so many settlers died of starvation in Utah and Nevada. The mountains that we passed through had geologic layers in pretty patterns. There were also some interesting caves that we passed (one of which looked like a skull).
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