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Big problem with 2T oils is that most manufacturers make products which are dual purpose, in that they can be used in autolube and pre-mix bikes (at 50:1 or below).

Dual purpose products are fine at lower mix ratios, but will not lubricate as well as a proper full synthetic pre-mix only oil at the type of ratios ideal for trials applications (80-100:1), due to having up to 20% kerosene added, in order to thin the oil enough to make it possible to use in autolube systems.

Best possible oil for very lean trials ratios is a fully synthetic pre mix only race product, such as Castrol XR77.

If anyone is using an oil not marked fully synthetic, pre-mix only, its safest to stick to 50:1 mix, as almost certainly this is going to be a dual purpose product, and not ideally suited to pre-mix use at very lean mix ratios.
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