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Originally Posted by cug View Post
... My bike runs just fine down to 1200 or 1300rpm or so and pulls cleanly out of this range. That's what I expect from a modern engine in a "daily use bike".

Originally Posted by cug View Post
Yep. My TransAlp was good down to 1500rpm, the F800GS was good down to like 1800 or 2k, the R1200GS was okay down to 2k. All those bikes were insanely better rideable than the Multi below 3k, the Multi was comparable between 3k and 4k and then left all of them in the dust above that. Depends on riding style whether that works for you or not. It doesn't really for me.

Sounds like you've been riding the wrong bikes...

From reading your posts, you're looking at the WRONG V twin. How about a HARLEY?

I hear they run awesome at 1.5k and 2k rpms.

To be completely serious, the MTS1200 was never intended to be a bike to lug around at low rpms. The basis for the engine was originally WSBK racing (tuned differently of course).

Yes, 1.5k and 2k rpms are now considered low and not midrange rpms. I've never had a problem with my 2010 MTS1200 at the low end. It pulls, it pulls hard and will lift the front wheel coming out of turns, all crossed up, even in urban mode. It's too much fun pretending to be Stoner coming out of corner all crossed up. I've yet to ride a bike that does this so easily and not wrapped up at 7k rpm.

If you're going to nit pick the MTS1200, try something a little more relevant like the electronic suspension, electronic key or warping gas tanks.

Have fun on your tiger!

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