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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
LOL, one f my favorite moves to TD's and - God don't strike me down for this - Lee tanks. (Sure, TD's deserve it, but dumb ol' Lee drivers just aren't usually used to that level of play-style for that tier, lol).

It really does get to feel like dancing sometimes when the TD driver will make a bunch of moves back and forth, adding in fake-out moves, to try to catch the tank beside him (me!) off guard. I usually always match them well enough.
I can usually see the wrighting on the wall...happened to me twice last night....I have not got to play much. What is the killer is after you put 2 rounds into that charging tank and nothing happens...then you are just dead and might as well esc and play something else.

But yea I do that too....and you can put those huge russian tanks in the same group with the slow turrets....I could hear people screaming after killing a kv2 with my Pz III....dang that was just fun....and unlike most tanks it has a pea shooter gun.

I am really thinking about that tier III french prem TD....that thing hits darn hard. I think it would be a fun change from marder...and I think it has a little thicker armor (yea right) and a better hitting gun.....might just give it a try....I know it cuts into my H35 like butter...but I want something that can kill that 38. Put 4 reloads from my Pz II into one the other night and did no damage, he spun around and just killed me. Perfect flanking move on my part too...killed two of his buddies before he figured out what was going on....he never figured it out till he started getting hit.

Kinda like my is not too bad with the stock gun, can't wait till I see the long 75.
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