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Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
I didn't like the long 75 after the first couple of rounds, but it's growing on me. It's kind of nice to be able to throw shells out 4-500 meters and know you're going to hit the target. It also has the penetration to reliably get through the turret of most tanks Tier 9 and under. I just wish it did a little more damage. I'm looking forward to getting the Tiger and it's big 88....that should be a fun gun to play.

it's not as fun as you think. The tiger is a great tank but it has to have support to work well. I've found that the best use of a tiger it to draw the fire and let your team kill everything that's firing at you. Yes it can pack a punch but it's almost the same 88 that you can get on the 3601 and it works much better on that tank. You will hate the Tiger until it's maxed out. And even then you wont run it much unless you have back up.
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