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Thanks for all the interest in the last batch of Rotopax gear I got direct from the factory (fuel tanks are factory seconds, the rest of the gear are firsts, new). I sold a few sets to people in the RM Flea Market and hopefully you guys were impressed with the speed of dispatch.

I get these items in small batches (10-15 tanks at a time) and they seem to sell out fast.

I just got another lot last night so I'm ready to resume shipping.

PM me or hit me direct at davismfg at gmail if you're interested.

I'm leaving for Lake Powell next week so this is the last batch I'll be shipping for ~3+ weeks.

I WILL ship to Canada, but it costs extra because (duh) it's a different country, AND it's a total pain in the ass, but I'll do it.

Shipping for one set (fuel and mount) is $24 Parcel Post or $34 Priority.

I can take paypal--gift is preferred but if you're uncomfortable with that, regular payments are fine, too. Cost of doing business, really, but if you want to hook me up w a gift, all the better.


You mention the cost of shipping, but you don't mention the cost of the actual tanks. A FM requirement. And also, shouldn't this be in vendors??/

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