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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post

You are posting and posting (and reposting) as if the rest of us are fking dummies.

Do you have some "imperical" testing and failure rates that you have done on water and air cooled trials bikes (or any bikes or 2 stroke engines for that matter) for the past 40+ years, that over rides "in the field proof" that more or less exists with litterally hundreds of people, doing it just like what I, pete and others do? WITHOUT ISSUE!

My god man, you read a label and you act as if they aren't trying to convince you that thier product is the one and only, just like verizon tries to tell you they got "fastest 4g" or "apple doesnt get viruses..." it is bullshit & sales pitch/story, and THEY know it. At the least, a very thin thread to hang a shirt off my back on.

As it has been stated time and time again in these "oil premix threads"
Quallity oils, from places that can't afford (to lose customers) or people to just be mad because they ended up with "SHIT" oils, for thier investment (aka, Motorcycles).

I really wouldn't recommend that you buy the cheapest dollar general oils, to mix at 100:1 in your 8 or 9 thousand dollar Trials bikes, as then you might cause yourself problems, but I dunno.. I run walmart cheapest in chainsaws and weed-eaters, and old lawnboys... But, one lawnboy ran forever on that junk, until someone put fuel in, that was NOT premixed.

Personally, I am scared of 100:1, and 80:1 smokes just a tiny bit now and then, even with smoke less TTS synthetic, so I feel that Im being more conservative than some are. But I still believe there are enough people, pro's and others that will run 100:1. I do it at 80:1, feel more than adequate. BTW, cleaning out silencer, still shows plenty of oil in there, which means it was wasted by the engine... Nuff said I think

So Shocker,
really you need to post about 500 more times about the real thing to be worried about, that someone will accidently put non premixed gas into a 2 stroke. That my fellow ADVrider, is more likely than mixing 100:1 with good brands of synthetic oils, to cause you trouble, riding a Trails Bike, in Trials bike conditions.

I think anyone who chooses to use an autolube oil in a pre-mix trials bike, at a mix-ratio of 80-100:1 probably isnt aware of the fact the autolube oil (TTS is an autolube oil) contains around 20% kerosene, so in reality the mix is far leaner than the expected 80-100:1.

There is no real advantage that I can see in using an autolube rather than a pre-mix oil, but by the same token if a bike runs well on the really lean mixes that come about when using autolube oils, then there seems no reason to change to a pre-mix type.
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