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Originally Posted by cug View Post
The thing is - that's how I ride 95% of the time. I have roughly about 200k miles riding experience, my hooligan times are long over (if they ever existed, I was always fairly down to earth), but from time to time I like to ride quick. Smooth, but quick. The kind of riding that doesn't accelerate much on the straights, but also doesn't brake much for the corners.

I feel the Multistrada could be a lot of fun for these times, though I have my doubts that it would be as nice for the other 95% ... as long as some of the niggles I had were resolved, it might be okay, but it's also possible that it just becomes annoying very quickly. Transferred: I'm not the one living with a hot Italian diva just for the looks and those rare fun times, I like a partner which I can appreciate all the time. I found that in real life, and there are bikes out there that I look after (e.g. the Multi), but where I highly doubt I could live with as my main bike. Would be nice to have an adventure with nonetheless.
I'll save you time and possibly money, future heartbreak and resentment.

The MTS1200 is NOT for you.

I appreciate your honesty, and hopefully you'll appreciate mine.
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